Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

The stunning new sci-fi shooter

Dead Effect 2 is the stunning new sci-fi shooter from BadFly Interactive which takes mobile gaming to a whole new level of console-style quality. The game has been awarded second-place at the Very Big Indie Pitch contest and has been described by PocketGamer as a 'gory and shiny gout of FPS action' which 'feels slick, and looks absolutely stunning'.

Kitted out with an arsenal of upgradeable futuristic weapons, players follow a traditional RPG progress development, crafting their own character in a personalized manner to create the best fit to their particular play-style in the fight for freedom and escape.

Weapons, gear and even in-body implants are available in return for training and development progress through the 20+ hours of campaign and 10+ hours of special missions with a choice of three main characters, lending an element of re-playability to the release. With a choice of 40+ weapon styles and hundreds of potential upgrades, a truly unique and immersible game-play experience is now available to gamers on a wide range of hand-held devices.

Full support for external controllers and customizable character controls are available for ultimate play-style choice in this first-person shooter with horror and space themes.

Utilizing the latest advances in NVIDIA and Android software, Dead Effect 2 has managed to implement many features which are usually reserved for AAA console releases. Professional voice actors and a full soundtrack provide a stunning audio atmospheric element as players progress through the fully-realized spaceship horror setting. Enemy design has a level of polish and variety unseen in mobile gaming, including rag-doll body design.

Dead Effect 2 is available to download and play for free now, so join the thousands of players who have experienced the mobile-based FPS that delivers a game-feel more akin to paid purchases, with future updates and releases expected from the dedicated developers.

Dead Effect 2


Dead Effect 2

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